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BitBuddy™ is a psychological horror pixel art Virtual Pet game. It was developed by Daniel Mullins Games of Pony Island and Inscryption fame and released on April the 4th 2022 for the Ludum Dare 50. It's available for free.

In the game you take care of your own, original, unique BitBuddy™! Feed him and use Promo Codes to give him cute little outfits. Also, don't close the window or he dies.


HATBUDDY-- gives a hat and prompts dialogue from your Bit Buddy

BAGELBUDDY-- You now have a chance to have some bagels when you click the feed button

PONIES-- It plays a sound as if you have guessd a code right but nothing appers to change

BURGERBUDDY-- You now have a chance to have some burgers when you click the feed button

HOLIDAY--This was given from your Bit buddy and it changes the back ground to a sunset while your BitBuddy is slowly rocking the boat which then he/she asks you if you can kill the, here if you are going to kill them and that if they die here they will be happy

SWORDBUDDY--Your buddy during the "Quest" will hold 2 swords while doing a lot more damage

LIONEL.EXE plays a wired glitch sound that also plays in inscryption. Lionel means Little lion and is a latin boy name, said to grow over the years to be proud, fearless and energetic.